Director Message

A lot of confusion and no answers ("confusion hi confusion hai solution ka pata nahin")

Many years ago I bought my first apartment in a group housing complex. At that time so many questions came to my mind, of which I could not find a convincing reply. I was concerned about safety from natural disasters, whether the developer was using quality material, whether I would get the delivery in time, about healthy living, whether my dream apartment would be comfortable, about appreciation of my money, and about why they don't make houses in India to international standards of design, keeping in view the furniture placement, privacy issues, movement, cross-ventilation, a reasonable private outdoor space, etc.

I had seen the paint and plaster coming off, even exposing steel bars at times, in a couple of years (I was told this was natural as water in the NCR region was salty/hard and the salt had to come out).sewage pipes that could not be maintained added to my woes. Was treating the water for construction that difficult or costly a job? Or is it being penny wise for the developer and pound foolish for the customer who has to bear multiple times the cost in repair job. Toilets/windows opened in shaft instead of outer walls and wore a sickening look. Some of the rooms required lighting even in the daytime.

Parking was another mess, for which there were regular scuffles in the complex as over a period of time every family had acquired 2-3, even 4, cars and there was no space for them. Visitors felt insulted when they were asked to park their cars outside the complex because the space inside feel short even for the residents. Even the location map was not to scale and it looked like the property was lying just a stone's throw away from all the important places in Delhi and NCR towns. No one seemed to address the issue of buildings REDUCING the amount of energy required in the complex, and RECYCLING and REUSING the water available these having a minimal ecological footprint.

There were questions galore and no project offered straight solutions to a majority of my questions in the form of commitment from the builders in a written document like the brochure. All that the beautiful brochures showed was scantily dressed girls and children, golf courses, lavish furniture, and bees and birds flying. The only problem was that the developer was selling none of them. It is not that the concepts and technologies involved are new or pertain to rocket science. The best developer would provide many of the solutions, but their cost was astronomical.

We the promoter group, sitting in the driver's seat, have earnestly tried to address all the issues in our new project Aakriti Shantiniketan with minimal impact on costing, but we are sure that the small additional cost will be made up many a time in the longer run in terms of water and energy savings and better premium over other properties. That a majority of the promoters are going to live there might have helped in this endeavour. The details are given in the brochure of Shantiniketan. You are requested to go through each and every page if you are thinking of buying a property and value your investment. We are sure when you will have finished reading it and found all the solutions at one place, you will forget all your questions.

When you find the solution, you forget your questions

("Solution jab patachala to question kya tha pata nahin")