Large Naturally Ventilated Lift Lobby

Not only following the existing codal requirements but exceeding them.

"Better Design Practice Increase amenity and safety in circulation spaces by:

providing generous corridor widths and ceiling heights, particularly in lobbies, outside lifts and apartment entry doors

  • Providing appropriate levels of lighting, including the use of natural daylight, where possible
  • Minimising corridor lengths to give short, clear sightlines
  • Aavoiding tight corners
  • providing legible signage noting apartment numbers, common areas and general directional finding -providing adequate ventilation.

Support better apartment building layouts by designing buildings with multiple cores which:

  • Increase the number of vertical circulation points
  • Give more ar ticulation to the facade
  • Limiting the number of units off a circulation core on a single level".

Building Design Part03

Tools for improving the design of residential flat
buildings Government of
New South Wales, Australia