"People First" The Corporate Philosophy

The philosophy of "people first" assigns the priorities of our group housing project in the following order a. A house is built for the people with following purposes/consequences

  • It should provide the residents with safety, hygienic living conditions, convenience and comfort in that order.
  • It may be the prime asset for most of the people acquiring it so it should have the potential of a high return on investment in long term in terms of appreciation and in short term in terms of rent-fetching capability.
  • It should bear a price that is cost-effective in the long term.
  • It should be cost-effective not only in terms of the monetary payment made at the time of acquisition, but also in terms of social cost-benefit analysis for successive generations of users.
  • The basic design and structural changes are not possible, once the house is handed over. Hence utmost care has to be taken in the designing process to ensure flexibility and perfection.
  • The large ecological footprint of a high-density housing is capable of affecting the immediate environment to an extent that prime resources like Water, Fresh Air and Energy resources are depleted beyond repair in times to come. Care should be taken to minimize the damage.
  • Best Practices in Housing sector across the world should be followed.
  • Only the Best Material should be used in the project.
  • It should contribute to the growth of housing sector, which is the prime engine of economic growth and source of employment in the national economy.

The houses are made by the people.

  • The employees earn their living by working on it.
  • The entrepreneurs taking initiative in this sector should make a healthy profit in order to be able to deliver, sustain and expand their good work.