Utilisation of Terrace

  • One terrace large enough to accommodate one table and four chair and in addition a couple of easy chairs
  • One Balcony hidden from Public View for washing and drying of clothes
  • Balcony adjacent to dining room can be landscaped
  • One Balcony for keeping of utilities like children's bicycle

Better Design Practice

"Where other private open space is not provided, provide at least one primary balcony. . Primary balconies should be:

  • located adjacent to the main living areas, such as living room, dining room or kitchen to extend the dwelling living space.
  • Sufficiently large and well proportioned to be functional and promote indoor/outdoor living. A dining table and two chairs (smaller apartment) and four chairs (larger apartment) should fit on the majority of balconies in any development.
  • Consider secondary balconies, including Juliet balconies or operable walls with balustrades, for additional amenity and choice in larger apartments:
  • adjacent to bedrooms
  • or clothes drying, site balconies off laundries or bathrooms; they should be screened from the public domain."

Building Design Part 03

Tools for improving the design of residential flat buildings Government of New South Wales, Australia