Cross Ventilation in each and every room

Better Design Practice

"Plan the site to promote and guide natural breezes by: determining prevailing breezes and orient buildings to maximise use, where possible (see Orientation) Utilise the building layout and section to increase the potential for natural ventilation. Design solutions may include:

facilitating cross ventilation by designing narrow building depths and providing dual aspect apartments, for example, cross through apartments and corner apartments.

Design the internal apartment layout to promote natural ventilation by:

minimising interruptions in air flow through an apartment. The more corners or rooms airflow must negotiate, the less effective the natural ventilation.

grouping rooms with similar usage together, for example, keeping living spaces together and sleeping spaces together.

This allows the apartment to be compartmentalised for efficient summer cooling or winter heating. Select doors and operable windows to maximise natural ventilation opportunities established by the apartment layout."

Building Design Part 03

  • Tools for improving the design of
  • residential flat buildings
  • Government of New South Wales, Australia